The enchanting magic, complexity, and captivating taste of our wine are primarily attributed to the deep engagement of the winemaker in nurturing the vineyard and the meticulous personal oversight of the wine production processes within the winery. However, above all, it’s the synergy of a skilled and harmonious team working in unison with the winegrowers that truly makes the difference.

We have a deep passion for daily learning and gaining fresh insights. To fulfill this pursuit, we’ve assembled a team of top-tier professional consultants, including winemakers, oenologists, and winery managers. Together, we embark on an extraordinary journey that seamlessly melds the art of winemaking with the cultivation of our terroir’s unique characteristics, integrating cutting-edge wine processes and techniques to craft wines with the most exquisite aromas, flavors, color, and body.

The significant advantage of producing wine from grapes we cultivate ourselves becomes particularly evident when the winegrower and winemaker share a unified vision for the entire winemaking journey. Quality becomes the guiding principle, starting with the selection of grape varieties and seedlings, extending through grape cultivation, determining the optimal harvest date, and culminating in the meticulous wine production processes within the winery.

The Bin-Nun staff includes:

Co-Founder, Winegrower, Danny Yaniv
Co-Founder, Winemaker, Eddy Gandler

Winemaker, Itzak Lotan

Assistant Vintner and Kashrut Supervisor, Shraga Edelman

Local Kashrut, Rabbi Naftali Shlomo, Gezer Regional Council
International Kashrut, New Square Council Kashrot, NY (NSK)